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Sushil Sir is one of India's most sought after and reputed astrologers.

He has accurate predictions from political to personal situations and has provided just evidence for every prediction he has done. Astrology is for people who believe, Sushil Kumar helps you believe in love, life and God.

No matter what stage of life you are in, his help can always be sought after. I am lucky to have met him and he has gone out of his way to help me plan my life in an informed manner
Date of Posting: 06 October 2009
Posted By: Neha Lall
Journalist, Al Jazeera Channel, London, Former Journalist NDTV, London UK
It is altogether difficult to write testimonials and it becomes even more complex if person like ASTROLOGER SUSHIL KUMAAR SINGH is at the forefront. I am interacting with him since 2002.He is a beacon for me and my at least,twenty fast friends who are civil servants. As for as his astrological predictions are concerned " It is absolutely flawless". He had predicted nearly all the prominent events of my life since 2002 with full accuracy. My selection as Lecturer in Uttaranchal in 2006, Labour Enforcement Officer in Uttar Pradesh Government in 2006, Deputy Superintendent of Police Uttar Pradesh Government in 2007( Third rank in UPPCS) and Indian Railway and Traffic Services ( IAS Allied ) Government of India in 2008 and my marriage with college friend Mamta-- Trade Tax Officer in Uttar Pradesh Government about whom Sushil sir had predicted -- who is now bedrock of my family.The most important thing which --if you ever get a chance--notice about him is his rationality which readily connects him to intellectuals. He is like a flyover connecting us from our enriched culture, surpassing superstitions to modern present. I have been inmate of reputed Amar Nath Jha Hostel of Allahabad University . Many of my seniors of the mentioned hostel are in hierarchy of the governance who keeps on contacting Guruji.

Since six months Sushil sir has been professional and his charges are high though justified as he does not recommend irrational remedies as other superstitious astrologers do with spectacular results. He recommends very simple remedies and disowns hypocrisy. He follows celibacy with modern dress not cladded in saffron clothes. Despite being a science student his philosophy is too strong which helped me in cracking Civil Services Examinations. I pray to almighty that he does not leave this profession as he is a moody person
Date of Posting: 02 October 2009
Posted By: Himanshu Shekhar Upadhyay - IRTS

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