Astro Palmistry

Astro Palmistry

Know Your Correct Birth Details and Your Future Through a Reading Of Your PalmKnow Your Correct Birth Details and Your Future Through a Reading Of Your Palm

Astro Palmistry has been practiced by the Hindu Astrologers from ancient times. But this was kept secret by a few families with astrological profession.
Most people are not able to take advantage of Hindu Astrology due to lack of the birth details. So provide a clear scanned image of your palm and few more details as
Approximate year of birth or/and (if available)
Approximate month of birth (if available)
Approximate birth time (if available)
Date of marriage
Date of birth of your first child
Date For any other important event
हाथ की हथेलियों से किसी व्यक्ति की कुंडली बनाना सुनने मे आश्चर्य लग सकता है ! यह विद्या बंगाल और बनारस मे कुछ ज्योतिषियों के पास गुप्त रूप से थी ! धीरे 2 यह विद्या लगभग लुप्त हो गयी ! ईश्वर की कृपा से हमारे पास यह विद्या है जिसमे कुछ और डीटेल्स की मदद से हम वास्तविक जन्म समय निकाल लेते है ! फिर उस जन्म विवरण से ब्सवीषयकथन करते हैं !



  • Know your correct birth details
  • Know your future by your rectified birth details through palm


Please begin by filling up the form .After you have filled up the form, you will be redirected to a payment options page where you can choose the most suitable option. Please be specific in your questions as it will help Vedic Astrologer Sushil Kumaar Singh to guide you better

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