Divorce And Separation

Divorce And Separation Astrology Report

Personalized Divorce Astrology Report + Answer and remedy to 1 question related to the subject\\\'s prospects around divorce
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In Vedic Astrology For marriage, divorce and love affairs, post marital relationships and second marriage we see the seventh house of natal chart,navamsa and Chandra kundali

Are you going through an unhappy married life and contemplating separation. Based on the planetary combinations in your chart, your dasa, antardasa and the transits of Jupiter & Saturn, it is possible to analyze the nature and future of your married life

Remedy – There are very simple remedies for all kind of issues in marital /love life.You shall get suggestions and remedy for issues in married life

When the reunion is possible , we are living separately?
I want divorce , when this is going to happen?
I have applied for divorce when that is going to happen?
Remedy to get separation
Remedy to prevent divorce