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Love Astrology Predictions And Articles

Mars is the energy the nutrient and the man in the horoscope of a woman, without permission of the mars no woman can even think to get conceived and the same mars is responsible for the men in her life who became her source of confidence and pleasure. All the joy received by the woman by men is because of the mars.

Venus is the girlfriend and wife both for a male. But the situation is totally different in the case of a woman. Here mars  is the boyfriend e and Jupiter is husband whereas  mercury is the best friend only for a girl. Mercury is the male friend of a pretty girl whom she shares all his pain sorrows and happiness but he is merely a friend and he never got a chance to propose her, not boyfriend because he has not the guts and sexuality like mars and nor he is responsible like Jupiter. And that is why the quality of a husband is found in Jupiter, mature and responsible. And ultimately mars win the girl from mercury but since the mars has its energy for his self-growth and don’t share its energy  and doesn’t want to Compromise at any cost for their individual Level growths and when they are asked for to sacrifice their goals for the partnership Sake they always leave the relations. Jupiter has the virtue of responsibility and care. So only because of Jupiter the marriage sustains not because of mars.

The mars in the horoscope of a girl predict everything about qualities of her boyfriend. A good astrologer after going through merely the birth chart can trace his boyfriend from a crowd of men. The sign and house of mars tell the properties and characteristics of the boyfriend. . Many times a suave girl is seen engaged with a bad boy. This is only because of placement of mars in any sign or house. This is predestined in the horoscope of a girl that what kind of boy would be her boyfriend a suave guy or ultramodern playboy type. Mainly the zodiacs sign matters.

If a woman has signs of Jupiter and Venus eg.sagittarious Pisces or Taurus and Libra the husband will be gentle, well placed and controlled the mind. if the seventh house is in the sign of mars e.g. Aries or Scorpio or mars is posited therein the husband will be rash and hot temperament but also full of sexuality and vigor. If there are signs of mercury in the seventh house e.g. Gemini or Virgo the husband will be wise and intelligent and looks younger than his age if the mercury is placed there. If there is a sign of Saturn e.g. Capricorn or Aquarius the husband looks some older in age more if the Saturn is also placed there.

There are many planetary combinations given in our classics. I am giving here few which I experienced much responsible for delayed marriage especially of a girl.

1. Debilitated Seventh lord.
2. Retrograde planets in 7th and 2nd house.
3. Placement of 7th lord in Gadant or in Mrityu bhaga.
4. Sun afflicting the seventh house or Leo sign.
5. Debilitated and retrograde Venus, Jupiter and seventh lord.
6. Malefic influence on 7th, 7th lord from Ascendant, moon or Venus.
7. Moon, Venus conjunction or opposition.
8. An aspect of Saturn on Venus.
9. Venus in “durdhara” yoga or in unfertile signs Gemini, Leo Virgo. I have found this situation too effective for delayed marriages.
10. Ascendant stronger than the seventh house and seventh house in Pap-kartari yoga.
11. Ascendant in last 05 or first 05 degrees.
12. Afflicted Venus in Navamsa chart.
13. Malefic influence on 2nd house, 8th house, and 12th house from Ascendant.
14. Saturn Jupiter conjunction or aspect also responsible for delays.
15. Planets in the influence of mars/Venus in navamsa cause delayed marriages.
16. Affliction to darakarak or darakaraka navamsa.
17. 7th house or 7th lord’s association with mandi.
18. Placement of Jaimini Gyatikaraka in the seventh house.

“Attraction and lust is like a drug. It leaves you just wanting more”.

This article is for those parents who are bothered for their children who are spoiling their education and career in love affairs and may commit crime, suicides and finally trapped in the scandals.

-Be careful whenever they are in the dashas of Mercury –Moon OR Moon-Mercury
- Planets responsible for love and passion are Mercury, Moon, Venus and Mars and houses are 5th and 7th.for infatuation, scandals, suicides 8the house and for loss of balance of mind 12th house and mercury should be seen.
-Combinations like Venus-mars conjunction, Venus in the seventh house or a debilitated Venus may give extraordinary sex drive. Here mars are the provoker (Ask your child to chant Hanuman Chalisa in the morning which will make him/her disciplined also).
-To predict the periods of infatuation and its intensity dasha of mars, rahu, mercury, Venus and moon when related with 5th 7th 8th and 12th can give an infatuation that leads to disaster. Mars is the fire and Rahu is the force which while driving one to worldly pleasures gives unorthodoxy.
- Most important among the four planets is the eighth one which is observed for the marital life, widowhood, sins scandals, sexual organ, secret affairs, porn. Venus combined with 7th or 8th house or with mars or Rahu will intensify sexual desire and attraction towards the opposite sex. Venus is found giving strong attraction towards the opposite sex when it is in the signs of mars or id debilitated.
See the horoscopes and be careful if horoscope of your child comes in the above parameters .visit an astrologer for his counselling. Ask him for worshiping Lord Hanuman and Ganesha. If possible ask him to chant special mantra of Lord Hanuman.

Next post will be regarding the same issues with example and case studies.

“This article of Sushil Kumaar Singh on marriage was already published in the Times of India astrology website.” Only vinshottary dasha related to the seventh house is not the tool to predict the timing of the marriage. Many important things have to be read in the horoscope carefully. 1. Before analyzing the dasha system, we must read the transits of Saturn and Jupiter carefully. The 2.5 years transit of Saturn and 1-year transit of Jupiter must affect or aspect the ascendant or ascendant lord or seventh and seventh lord. 2. After getting insured about the favourable transit, one should see whether the native is in the vinshottary dasha antardasha related to ascendant its lord or seventh or its lord. 3. If both the above parameters are followed in the horoscope we should now read the horoscope from the jaimini angle. If the marriage is promised through vinshottary dasha system then jaimini system must authenticate this if jaimini doesn’t endorse then there are not complete chances. 4. In jaimini if the darakaraka, the planet signifying the spouse must have relations with seventh or ascendant houses. After that darakaraka navamsa should also be seen. 5. The navamsa D9 horoscopes must be read carefully and one should never try to make predictions without reading the navamsa horoscope. 6. Another dashas must be applied for getting correct results. We should apply other conditional dashas for example, Dwisaptaptisamadasha system (DSS), Shashtihayani dasha system (SHS), Chatursheetisama dasha system (CSS),shodashottary dasha system(SSS) or dwadashottary dasha system. 7.above dashas are applied only in few horoscopes such as DSS is applied for those natives who have the ascendant lord in the seventh house or seventh lord in the ascendant.SHS is applied to those natives who have Sun in their ascendant.CSS is applied to those horoscopes who have the tenth lord in the tenth house. Apart from vinshottary or jaimini at least two conditional dashas should be applied to the horoscopes. We should try to know which conditional dashas are applied. Second houses, fourth and tenth houses also should be seen here in the navamsa while using any conditional dasha. 8. After that, the transits of mars Venus sun and the moon must be read. There are chances of placement of many planets over seventh house ascendant or lords of these houses. If not then these planets should be near the concerned houses. 9. The Jupiter in transit should activate natal Venus in the male chart whereas mars in the female chart. 10. Ascendant lord and seventh lord of the native must have made mutual connections.

Planetary combinations for first child Male baby


Hindu astrology and few other ancient books explain everything about pregnancy and childbirth. But many important facts such as predicting the sex of the child. Very few Brahman families and the yogis of mountains still have those secret. I came in touch with a few of those sacred souls recently. About 20 percent Indian has nothing to do with the sex of their child. Foeticide is still experienced in many parts of the country. Astrology may help to stop these crimes by indicating parents about what is written in their lot. The horoscope indicates about the numbers, longevity, sex, health and prosperity of the child. Despite all these things everyone seems curious to know the sex of the child before the birth. Though I am not going to reveal these secrets here because this will be unethical and immoral. But at the same time I would like to tell all the important facts here in this series so that no one could be misguided by the name Hakeem astrologers.


Planetary position for first child Male baby In next series I’ll discuss other planetary combinations such as planetary combinations for the only male babies. Here are the four planetary combinations for the first child male baby.


 1) Fifth lord of the horoscope D1 should be placed in the Lagna and should be aspected by Jupiter.


 2) Fifth lord of the horoscope should be male planets and these planets should occupy male signs only. Male planets are Sun, Jupiter and Mars and sometimes Rahu and the male rashish are all the even rashish such as 1,3,5,7,9,11.


3) Three planets, moon, Mars and Venus should be placed in dual character signs or rashis such as 3,6,9,12.


 4) The planets in the fifth house and seventh house should be a strong male planet.


Above four planetary combinations promise for the first child male baby. There are different planetary combinations for the different patterns such as only male or female babies, first child, female, female child after many male babies or male babies after female babies. To be continued...

बहुत कुछ बता देती हैं औरत के पैरों की अँगुलियाँ !


अंगलक्षण बहुत ही पुराना  विज्ञान है ! इतना पुराना की आदि ग्रंथ रामायण में महर्षि वाल्मीकि ने सैकड़ों अंग लक्षणों  का उल्लेख किया है ! जब मेघनाद ने भगवान राम और लक्ष्मण को अचेत कर दिया था ! तब रावण सीता जी को उन्हें दिखाने ले गया यह बताकऱ की उनकी मृत्यु हो गयी है ! इस पर सीता जी ने अपने स्वयं के अंग लक्षणों का उल्लेख करके या कहा था की उनके इन अंग लक्षणों को देखकर ज्योतिषियों ने ऐसी कोई आन होनी नही बताई थी ! पर आज वे सारी भविष्यवाणियाँ मिथ्या साबित हो गयीं ! उन्होने कहा कि उनके पैरों की दासों उंगलियाँ और दोनों तलवे ये बारहों पृथ्वी से अच्छी तरह सात जाते हैं !



प्रतिष्ठितामद्वाड़षाभिरमामूचूहशुभलक्षनाम "



पैरकी  उंगलियों से स्त्री के कुछ लक्षण निम्न्वत हैं !



 * जिस स्त्री के पैर की तर्जनी उंगली (अंगूठे के तुरंत बाद वाली ) अंगूठें से आगे निकल जाए या       अंगूठे से बड़ी हो उस स्त्री का विवाह से पहले या विवाह के बाद पर पुरुष से संबंध बनने की संभावना होती है ! कभी कभी ऐसी स्त्रियाँ बहुत खूबसूरत भी होती हैं पर हमेशा नहीं !   - बृहतपाराशर होरशास्त्र , भविष्य महापुराण


 *जिस स्त्री के पैर की मध्यमा और अनामिका अर्थात तीसरी और चौथी उंगली भूमि को स्पर्श ना करे वह स्त्री पतिहीन होती है !                                                            -  बृहतपाराशर होरशास्त्र , भावकुतूहलम


* यदि स्त्री के पैर की अनामिका और मध्यमा अर्थात चौथी और तीसरी अंगुली छोटी हो तो उसे पति का सुख नही मिलता - भा.कु. , .पु


* जिस स्त्री के पैरों की अनामिका अर्थात चौथी या पाँचवी अंगुली भूमि पर ना टिकती हो अथवा अंगूठे से बराबर वाली अंगुली अंगूठे से लंबी हो वह औरत अन्य मर्दों से संबंध रखती है और पाप आचरण करती है !   गरूण पुराण ,



* बहुत लंबी अँगुलियाँ चरित्र्हीन होने का एवं बहुत पतली अँगुलियाँ निर्धन होने का संकेत देती हैं ! बृहतपाराशर होरशास्त्र,


* स्त्री के पैर की अंगुलियों से एक संकेत सबसे बुरा होता है कि यदि स्त्री के पैर की अँगुलियन परस्पर एक दूसरे पर चढ़ी हो तो ऐसी स्त्री पति को छोड़ देगी और दूसरे काई अन्य मर्दों से संबंध बनाएगी !


* छोटी और विरल अँगुलियाँ (fingers having space) निर्धानता का संकेत देती हैं ! .पु


* पैर की अँगुलियाँ कोमल ,सीधी , सटी हुई हों, गोल हों , मांसल हों , चिकनी हों और छोटे नाखूनों से युक्त हों तो अत्यंत शुभ लक्षण होता है.पु , बृहतपाराशर होरशास्त्र



हम यहाँ पर सिर्फ़ ज्योतिष् मे उल्लिखित विष्कन्याओं से संबंधित बात करेंगे !हिंदू और पश्चिम के मिथकों तथा मौर्य वंश के समय विष्कन्याओं का इस्तेमाल विरोधियों के लिए करने का उल्लेख है !


ज्योतिष् मे विषकन्या का अर्थ है की वे गुस्सैल तथा बुरे वार्ताव वाली होंगी और उनके पति उन्हें पसंद नहीं करेंगे ! और इनके पति की मृत्यु कम आयु में अवश्य होगी और ये बार बार विवाह करेंगी !


ज्योतिषीय योग (इसे पुरुषों पर भी लागू कर सकते हैं )


- एक औरत जो भद्रा तिथि में रविवार मंगलवार या शनिवार को कृतिका, असलेषा या षटशिभा पैदा हुई हो "विषकन्या" होती हैं ! ऐसी स्थिति मे पति की मृत्यु हो जाती है और महिला बार बार काई बार विवाह करती है !


-द्वादशी के रविवार तथा षटशीभा नक्षत्र या सप्तमी के मंगलवार को विशाखा नक्षत्र में तथा द्वितीया को रविवार पड़े तथा आशलेषा लक्षत्र मे पैदा हुई महिला "विषकन्या" होगी ! यह महिला भी पति की मृत्यु के बाद काई बार विवाह करेगी !


- जस्ब सूर्य और शनि लग्न मे हो और चंद्रमा पाँचवें या नवें घर मे हो तब भी विषकन्या योग बनता है !

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