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18 planetary combinations that cause delay in marriage

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There are many planetary combinations given in our classics. I am giving here few which I experienced much responsible for delayed marriage especially of a girl.

1. Debilitated Seventh lord.
2. Retrograde planets in 7th and 2nd house.
3. Placement of 7th lord in Gadant or in Mrityu bhaga.
4. Sun afflicting the seventh house or Leo sign.
5. Debilitated and retrograde Venus, Jupiter and seventh lord.
6. Malefic influence on 7th, 7th lord from Ascendant, moon or Venus.
7. Moon, Venus conjunction or opposition.
8. An aspect of Saturn on Venus.
9. Venus in “durdhara” yoga or in unfertile signs Gemini, Leo Virgo. I have found this situation too effective for delayed marriages.
10. Ascendant stronger than the seventh house and seventh house in Pap-kartari yoga.
11. Ascendant in last 05 or first 05 degrees.
12. Afflicted Venus in Navamsa chart.
13. Malefic influence on 2nd house, 8th house, and 12th house from Ascendant.
14. Saturn Jupiter conjunction or aspect also responsible for delays.
15. Planets in the influence of mars/Venus in navamsa cause delayed marriages.
16. Affliction to darakarak or darakaraka navamsa.
17. 7th house or 7th lord’s association with mandi.
18. Placement of Jaimini Gyatikaraka in the seventh house.

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