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महिलाओं के मोदी के लिए समस्या का कारण बनने की भविष्यवाणी सच हुई (In English & Hindi)

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On 22nd November 2013 I had made a prediction that Women will be ominous or ashubh for Shri Narendra Modi. I had no know knowledge at that time that who were those women. at the same time after this astrological forecast was published few women and even men used to criticize my by saying “women were never ominous”. My indication and intension was very clear that Women will create great problems for Modi ji and BJP. The whole prediction was based on principles of Hindu astrology. i had concentrated on the Venus of Narendra Modi. Here I would like to add that I used a different birth detail for Shri Modi ji and I came always true except once when I used birth details circulated by a prominent and respected Delhi based South Indian Astrologer. after this forecast I repeated this forecasts in my new year predictions made for a hindi daily and my blog. I repeated that predictions in Hindi too.

After few months I concentrated on the sadhesati of BJP, Narendra Modi ji and many leaders of BJP including Vasundhara Raje Rajnath Singh ji and many others. I repeated the same predictions.

The Original predictions of 22nd November 2013

The link –


Narendra Modi seems in a controversy which seems framed by opposition. Suspended IAS officer Pradeep Sharma, who has been fighting a legal battle against Narendra Modi government, on Saturday pleaded with the apex court to order a CBI probe against the Chief Minister in the snooping controversy saying it was done illegally.
Mr. Sharma urged the court to take cognisance of audio tapes aired by news portals saying it contains proof of how the state government had tried to frame him in “frivolous” cases.
“Take on record the documents and transcripts annexed with the instant application and direct CBI to register a case and conduct a thorough inquiry into the violation of the Telegraph Act 1885 and other applicable laws by Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and any other such persons,” he said in his application filed in the apex court.
He submitted he is being victimised as he had the knowledge of the alleged intimacy shared by Modi with a young lady architect and also because his younger brother Kuldip Sharma, a senior IPS officer in the state, has “unmasked” many “misdeeds” of Modi government since Godhra riots.
Narendra Mdi has entered in the JUPITER – VENUS vinshottary dasha from October 2013.from august 2013 he has entered in the ARI-PIS jaimini dasha.Venus is seventh lord in his chart which relates to wife spouse or any one else. This venus is debilitated and placed with eighth lord mercury. Saturn is also there making the situation bad. So debilitated venus is with exalted mercury and Saturn. These three planets are with another female planet Ketu.This means all are in the Rahu Ketu axis. This clearly shows a controversy related to woman. Since the eighth lord is also involved here a conspiracy is clearly seen in this episode. In my prediction Indian General Election 2014 – Astrological predictions part 1 i had clearly said that Narendra Modi will be prime minister or not this will be decided by only one or few women.
In Narendra Modi horoscope venus is not only debilitated but combust also And also afflicted by Rahu Ketu and Saturn. Only because of such venus he never got marital bliss. When i used his horoscope i checked issues like marriage and children of Narendra Mdi and found this horoscope correct up to some extent. This snooping issue will not be long lasting and Modi will come out at last because of many Rajyogas in the fifth and eleventh axis.
Since Narendra Modi will be running in the venus vinshottary antardasha till june 2016 he will face obstacles by few women. The women politicians will play major role after the results of the general elections 2014.i had predicted this on 15th august in my first series of the predictions regarding General Elections 2014.but one has also to see the this venus is in a very good Rajyoga which is very well being formed in the fifth and eleventh axis of Rajyogas related to politics. In BJP few politicians have also too good planetary combination which has started from October.

Vasundhara Raje – Difficult and challenging time ahead

Second parallel prediction I made was about Vasundhara Raje ji after getting her exact birth details by one of my friend and Rajasthan based numerologist and body language expert.that ptrediction also came true.

Following is the link - 

Vasundhara Raje – Difficult and challenging time ahead

In astrology there is a principle of dasha transition called as dasha dasha chhidra or dasha sankraman.Vasundhara Raje Scindia has entered in that sensitive dasha transition phase. A dasha transition is the phase when one dasha, astrological time phase is about to end and other is about to start.

There are three types of horoscope of Vasundhara Raje circulating in astrologer’s circle. First is of simha lagna and other two are of Karka lagna having two birth times. After working on all three I rejected the simha lagna and again worked on other two of karka lagna. After applying all the principles of horoscope rectification both were following all the parameters. Since a person cannot be born on two different birth time i worked on one of both which i found correct as per my research of rectification.

I considered three events as her date of marriage her separation from her spouse and birth of his son Dushyant Singh.Vasundhara Raje married Hemant Singh, of ex –royal Dholpur family, on 17 november 1972.the vinshottary dasha phase was ven-ven-moon. Venus is a basic planet for marriage is aspected by retrograde Saturn .moon is the lagna lord. She was separated from her husband after one year of marriage in the phase of ven –ven -jup. Venus is the eleventh lord; eleventh house is houses of separation and i have found eleventh and sixth house very potent for separation or divorce. There was no marital happiness in the life of Vasundhara Raje. The seventh house is in the axis of Rahu Ketu. The seventh lord is retrograde Saturn which even aspects the seventh house.jupiter the sixth lord and venues the eleventh lord aspects directly the seventh lord Saturn. In the Navamsa D10 retrograde Saturn influence the seventh house where seventh house is placed and directly aspected by mars of meen rashi .his son was born on 11 september 1973 in the dasha of Venus- Venus -Jupiter. Venus is placed with the ninth house, one of the house of child birth, Jupiter itself is the ninth lord .in navamsa Venus aspects the ninth house. In the Saptamsa D7 ninth lord aspects fifth lord and ninth house.


I already mentioned she has entered the transition phase. Vasundhara Raje , chief minister of Rajasthan is in the mars mahadasha now which shall last till December 2014.this means one dasha phase is about to complete and the other one is about to start from last days of year 2014.She had entered in the first dasha sankraman , dasha chidra from January 2014 till may she is running in the second and last sankraman phase till December 2014.


From May 2014 she has entered in the second and last dasha chhidra or dasha sankraman phase which shall last till December 2014.even the phase till December also will be not good.

From December last she shall enter in the Rahu dasha phase which is not too good in her horoscope. Rahu is in the rashi of Saturn and the dispositor of Rahu is also the Saturn which is retrograde and placed in the fourth house, house of throne aspected by sixth lord Jupiter and mars. In navamsa , dashamsa too Rahu is not in any rajyoga. So her next time is going to be tough. She will face very hurdles. Since Saturn is the eighth lord, the eighth house is house of intrigues and conspiracy .i doesn’t think she is going to complete her current term.

Same prediction in hindi – the link -

महिलानेता BJP सरकारऔरमोदीकेलिएबनेंगीसमस्याकाकारण - 2013 कीभविष्यवाणी



श्रीनरेन्द्रामोदी,श्रीराजनाथसिंहऔरBJPखुदसाढ़ेसातीसेभीगुजररहेहैं!शनिजबचंद्रमापरयाउसकेएकघरआगेपीछेगोचरकरताहैतोसाढ़ेसातीहोतीहै!शनिऔरचंद्रमादोनोस्त्रीग्रहहैं! BJPखुदशनिकीअंतरदशामेहै!मोदीजीचंद्रमामेशनिकीहीदशामेखुदहैं!अमितशाहजीराहुमेकेतुकीदशामेहैं!श्रीराजनाथसिंहजीभीबृहस्पतिमेशनिकीदशामेचलरहेहैं!तोऐसेकोईमहिलापार्टीऔरसरकारकेलिएसमस्यानाबनेऐसाकैसेहोसकताहै!

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