Career Business And Profession

Career, Business And Profession

Personalised detailed Kundali + Detailed Career and Profession Report + Answer and remedy to 1 question related to the subject's Career Business And Profession prospectsPersonalised detailed Kundali + Detailed Career and Profession Report + Answer and remedy to 1 question related to the subject's Career Business And Profession prospects

Astrologer Sushil Kumaar Singh has successfully predicted the careers or several IAS officers , Government Servants and businessmen

For analysing ones career the tenth and seventh house of the horoscope is considered. There are the planetary combinations to know whether the person will do a job or business. It can also be judged whether one will get a government job or private job or self employed or whether the native will have a career like poet, author, writer, actor, chef, singer , lawyer, software expert. Most contemporary careers can also be predicted. By calculating the “poorn parmatmamsa” and “jeevemsa samanvit” planets it can be decided whether one can get a job or will perform   better in trade and business.
If there are majority of planets in 7th to 12th houses or  10th to 3rd house then the possibility of business or trade is more because that person cannot do job under the government. There are different planetary combinations for different jobs and business as well.
By simply reading the natal chart and vinshottary dasha nothing can be predicted. For example for cracking civil services or IAS examination there must be a connection between the lagna sixth house and tenth house and they must have relations with Jupiter and sun. After all this the astrologer has to see whether the planet is in mrityu bhaag , sarp drekkana , 64th navamsa  or gadant. Apart from vinshottary dasha we also read jaimini system such as char dasha , mandook daha , navamsa dasha , sthir dasha.jaimini karakas such as dara karak , padas such as dara pad , uppada all have to be considered.These two dasha systems are not enough .
Sage Parashara has described more than 40 conditinal dashas we must apply few of them which is applicable such as dwisaptaptisama dasha , shashtihayani dasha , chaturshitisama dasha ,dwadashottary dasha,shodashottary dasha etc.after applying dashas we must  concentrate over transits and ashtakvarga especially transit of Saturn.

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