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Saturn Sadhe SatiSadhesaati is the very complex terms in Indian astrology and many astrologers frighten their clients by Sadhesati. Know More

Mangal DoshaThere are generally more possible that the Mangal Doshas are nullified by the other planets. Read More

Kaal Sarp Yogaone need not to be worried about Kaal Sarp Yog because many times It Can be veru auspicious for people. Read More

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Chart Matching Or Gun Milan Astrology

litigation-and-legal-astrology Legal Or Litigation Astrology (INR 2400 US$ 40)Legal situations can bring down our motivation and completely put us offtrack. Use Vedic Astrology To...
doshas-and-remedies Doshas And Remedies Report (INR 3600 US$60)Are you facing failure in your endeavours despite persistent efforts. Chances are that you could be under...
prashna-chart-astrology Prashna Chart Astrology (INR 2400 US$40)This service is for those who don’t have their birth details. This is a very good method. This is an older...
horoscope-rectification Horoscope Rectification Request (INR 6000 US$ 100)An astrologer faces a great problem whenever one says that he does not have his birth details....
mangal-dosha-report Mangal Dosha Report (INR 3600 US$ 60)In this service Astrologer Sushil Kumaar Singh will provide the report regarding mangal dosha in one’s chart....
sadhe-sati-prediction-request Sadhe Saati Prediction Report (INR 3600 US$60)Sadhesaati is the very complex terms in Indian astrology and many astrologers frighten their clients by...
kaal-sarp-yoga-predictions Kaal Sarp Yoga Prediction (INR 3600 US$ 60)Generally Kalsarp Yoga is considered bad by the astrologers.one need not to be worried about this because...
special-astrology-service-for-politicians Special Service For Politicians (US $200 INR 12000) Through the analysis of your birth-chart, it is possible you to know whether you can be a success...
chart-matching Matchmaking Or Chart Matching Astrology (INR 2400 US$40)Horoscope Matching is very deep and intensely rooted in Hindu society. Before entering in to...
family-astrology Family Astrology Prediction (INR 4500 US$75)It is no wonder, when you compare the birth charts of family members, there are striking similarities in...

Are You Under The Negative Influence Of Strong Planets

Doshas ANd Remedies

Failure In Successive Endeavours could mean that Strong Planets are not in your favour. Vedic Astrology recommends simple solutions for eliminating or reducing the negative effect of these planets

Doshas And Remedies

Astrology 2014 Year Guide

Successful Relationships

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Astrologer Sushil Kumaar Singh

Astrologer Sushil Kumaar SinghAstrologer Sushil Kumaar Singh is an internationally acclaimed Vedic Astrologer, recognized for his accurate predictions. He has made accurate predictions about the twisting fate of many a celebrities across India and the world.If you have been agonizing over problems of business, family, career, money, education and any other area of your life, he can be of immense help to you through his knowledge of Vedic Astrology.His astrology services include  Life Reading, Career Report, Detailed Kundali Matching, Match Making, Health Report, Business Report, Finance Report, Love Chemistry Report and more.


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